Aquaspirit Review

Aquaspirit is a skin care product that can effectively oxygenate the blood located in the face and also your skin which can help you get a balanced complexion.

This product has been very popular amongst individuals because it contains 100% natural ingredients and will not cause any skin allergies or irritations. Individuals are expected to see improvements with their skin within 2 weeks or maybe longer depending on your skin type.

To gain healthy and clearer skin, cellular regeneration is the best way to achieve this and it doesn’t matter how old you are as young and older individuals can use aquaspirit.

This skin care product also can help prevent dehydration of the skin which can cause premature aging, if used regularly you will gain smoother skin and also less blemishes on the skin.

Aquaspirit® body and facial mist combines the power of oxygen and aromatherapeutic nutrients to stimulate circulation and promote strong, healthy skin.


What Are The Ingredients Of Aquaspirit?

Here is a detailed list of the ingredients of Aquaspirit and as I mentioned above are 100% natural.

Taichoseki Mineral Stone: It can stop the growth of bacteria and fungus in water and has also been known to be a natural disinfectant.

Bakuhanseki Stone: Found in powder form and usually used in water filters, it has the ability to make the water a good alkaline level and also increase oxygen in the water.

SPG Sand: Usually found in volcanic rock, this sand can remove harmful parasites and also absorb heavy metals.

Granulated Activated Carbon: Made from coconut shell carbon it can effectively get rid of odors, chlorine, volatiles and also MTBE.

Magnet and Magnetite Stone: Can increase absorption and solubility in the water.

Far Infrared Ceramic: It can make hydroxyl ions and also hydrogen ions to help get rid of free radicals.

Silver Fuzion: This can penetrate deep within the skin to remove dirt and bacteria from your pores. It has also been shown to help new skin growth.

Organic Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Leaf: Aloe Vera is known for it’s healing properties and Aquaspirit uses aloe vera leaf which is far more potent than the juice. Not many skin care products today contain as much aloe vera than Aquaspirit does.

Crystal Energy: The best skin care products must hydrate the skin and also give you antioxidants. Aquaspirit uses the microcluster technology which has the ability to soften the skin, give the skin a glow and also a younger appearance.

GH3: This has been used for many skin care remedies but have not been used much because of the high costs. GH3 can help your skin tissues regenerate.

Organic Rose Water: The oil from the rose has been used for many cosmetic treatments worldwide and Aquaspirit uses organic rose water from India which can help improve circulation and also tone your skin. Rose water can also help if you suffer from skin problems such as acne and even sunburned skin.

Organic Jasmine Sambac: Jasmine is very effective if you have dry and sensitive skin. It can also calm and relax the skin and is found in native India.


How Do You Use Aquaspirit?

Before use, it is recommended that you shake the bottle well and spray 8 – 10 inches away from your skin. If you are spraying on your face close your eyes.

You can also apply a small amount on some cotton wool and apply to your skin in a circular motion. You can apply Aquaspirit up to 3 times per day and is recommended that you keep it refrigerated when not in use.

By using Aquaspirit regularly you can achieve better looking skin and slow down the aging process. There are also other ways where you can improve your skin and that is through your diet and also daily exercise.

Aquaspirit® body and facial mist combines the power of oxygen and aromatherapeutic nutrients to stimulate circulation and promote strong, healthy skin.

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