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If your at an age when you can no longer hide the lines on your face, you need not worry since you can Erase Wrinkles with the number of treatments being offered in the market. However, these wrinkle products and cures may cost you plenty. If you do not have the budget, you can still erase wrinkles via a natural and safe way.

You can make use of various facial exercises found in the internet or make some home remedies made up of easy to buy materials such as egg whites. You can also make use of coconut oil or pineapple. There are many natural cures to achieving a youthful skin and all you have to do is find them online.

If you have the time and are the kind of person who would prefer the safe methods, facial massage may be the answer for you. You can erase wrinkles by massaging your face to keep it hydrated and relaxed. The following steps will help you do it at home.

1. Before starting, you should first clean your face and hands.

2. Remove the makeup so that your pores are not blocked.

3. Choose either a cream or oil suitable to your skin type and apply it to your skin.

4. You can then start from your neck going upwards to your temples and forehead. This will enable the blood to circulate in your tissues and veins. Do it slowly while the speed increases gradually. Slightly press the skin using your finger tips.

5. After the massage, use a cotton pad to remove the oil or cream that you used.

6. You can then apply a face cream that will hydrate your skin such as Parfait Visage which will also help erase wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Wait for 3 to 4 hours before applying make up.

Remember that when you are massaging the skin around your eyes, start from the outer temple going inwards to the nose bridge. Also bear in mind that normal skin needs skin balancing, deep cleansing and refinement while dry skin requires the cellular function stimulation.

More mature skin requires an even deeper stimulation. This massage is done best before bedtime. You may test you skin elasticity by pinching it. Should it spring immediately back, your skin is already in good shape.

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