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Are you interested in learning more about how to prevent under eye wrinkles? We often see the first signs of aging around the eyes and can come at any age. This usually happens when a person does a lot of facial movements such as smiling or the blinking of the eyes.

There are many treatments such as creams that can reduce wrinkles around the eyes and also other parts of the face.

Fine lines or wrinkles appear around the eyes usually first, as this area of the skin is very sensitive. There are many causes of why we get fine lines such as wrinkles on the face such as being out in the sun for long periods and facial expressions such as getting wrinkles under eyes when smiling which can sag the skin.

Also being out in the sun can cause us to lose moisture from your skin and if you are not wearing protective eye wear, squinting may occur and can cause wrinkles to appear.

Heavy smokers are also known to get wrinkles much sooner as the nicotine can dry out the skin and make the skin look dull and very dry.

Other causes of getting wrinkles around your eyes are not drinking enough fluid through out the day, poor diet, genes and sometimes allergies.

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We have all asked this one question, “What Causes Aging of the skin?”. As we get older, we will all at some point experience fine lines and wrinkles as it is a natural process when it comes to age. Our way of life can often cause how much wrinkles we get on our skin such as eating too much fatty foods and also not having an active lifestyle. To obtain better looking skin, we must learn how to look after our skin the right way to get a youthful appearance.

When your skin is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time it can cause premature aging and wrinkles and fine lines can appear. When your skin has been in direct sunlight for too long you can get dryness in the skin,sagging and are also at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. We must try to do whatever we can to prevent this from occurring by using a sunscreen lotion whenever we go out into the sun.

Other reasons why you may get aging skin is being around secondary smoke or even worse smoking yourself. If you continue to be around cigarette smoke, it can cause dryness in the skin, which will cause wrinkles to appear.

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